WordCamp Belgrade, a quick recap

I spent the last two days in Belgrade taking part of the local WordCamp.

Yesterday I spoke about Growth Methodologies in a Distributed Environment, explaining how the strictness that is required for A/B Testing and Usability Testing, can be achieved in a distributed company that have “Welcome to the chaos” as the intro message for new employees.

Today I was supposed to conduct a workshop on public speaking, but it ended up in a double creature because I was also asked to lead a workshop about Community contribution to WordPress.

Wait a minute, a workshop about public speaking at a contributor day? Aren’t people supposed to contribute to WordPress during the contributor day?

Yes, exactly.

As long as WordCamps are structured as conference, there will be a need for good public speakers. I was a public speaking trainer, back in the days, and I know for sure that this world needs better publis speakers. Every time that a bad presentation goes on stage we are loosing the noble opportunity of changing other people’s lives for the good. Every person that gets bored at a WordCamp is a waste of resources for the entire community. Every time a person is not applying as a speaker to a WordCamp because they don’t feel good enough, or they believe they are hopeless, we are deserting our mission.

I also ran a workshop on how to contribute to the WordPress community organizing meetups and WordCamps. I explained the five good-faith rules behind every good meetup, how to apply for the chapter program, and a few tips on how to start and grow a healthy local community. We also tried to find answers for a few questions about how to organize a good WordCamp.

It was intense, I spoke in front of a crowd for 4 hours and I answered so many questions! I referred very often to make.wordpress.org, which is the place where contributions starts. If you have any doubt, head there and you’ll find an answer for sure.

Happy life, and happy contribution to WordPress!





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  1. Nemanja Aleksic Avatar

    Thank you for coming to WordCamp Belgrade (again) and helping raise the quality bar (again).

    A lot of us have great stories and experiences to share, but the fear of public speaking and the impostor syndrome are holding back many of us.

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