Winning an argument

Today I had a long argument with someone I deeply care about. It was like a heavy storm, in the summer: brewing for hours, and pouring down heavy In the late afternoon. I

t started with me getting annoyed for a remark in the morning, and it kept growing little by little until we both blew up at each other.

It doesn’t really matter what we argued about, and who said what, the relevant part is that we were both in the wrong.

At some point we broke the vicious circle, just getting closer to each other, taking a deep breath, and having a little laugh.

It was like a ray of light though the clouds, telling the land that the storm is over, and we can get ready to leave our shelter again.

We let it sit for a little while and we discussed deeply about our disagreements, which turned out to be just a bunch of unclear expectations, and a few misunderstandings.

It was a good day, and we both won, because we at the end of the day we know better, we realigned our expectations, and we have both more respect for each other, and for ourselves.





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