Why I cannot live without Clipperz

I cannot live without Clipperz because in my daily life I use more than 300 unique 26 characters-long passwords. And the only way to manage all of them is Clipperz.

I’m not going in details with features and stuff because you can try it yourself, I just want to say that my life with Clipperz is much safer and comfortable. I strongly suggest you to check it out and to improve your security. Your shitty-short-always_the_same password is not a good way to keep troubles out of the way, so get a move.

I just donated a hundred bucks to Marco and Giulio Cesare, the founders, to support them in their awesome job. I’m not telling you to do the same but it’s up to you. Just try it out and decide yourself.





4 responses to “Why I cannot live without Clipperz”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    Have you had a look at PasswordBolt? I’m also using Clipperz and I’m seriously considering moving to PasswordBolt. Both projects have low activity/few updates; but PasswordBolt seem to have an overall more secure architecture.

  2. Marco Barulli Avatar

    Hi Daniel,
    you are right, the development pace of Clipperz is quite slow. However, many things are going on at Clipperz and be reassured that Clipperz will slowly but steadily keep improving both on features and security! We are still enthusiastic about this project and we still see a huge potential for “zero-knowledge web applications” (or “host proof web apps”).

    Btw, have you tried the new “gamma” version of Clipperz?


  3. andrea Avatar

    lo uso da qualche anno, ma a dire il vero è sempre in beta e da parecchio non fanno aggiornamenti (folder ad esempio)

  4. Daniel Avatar

    Marco , the Gamma version is not available for self-hosting. The community edition appears abandoned.

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