When I say FF…

What do you think I’m referring to?

(Drop your answer in the comments below)





16 responses to “When I say FF…”

  1. Daniele Biolatti Avatar
    Daniele Biolatti

    It depends. WHERE you say it? On Twitter, I think you mean Follow Friday.
    But if you say near a music or video player, I think you can mean Fast Forward. 🙂

  2. dakisha Avatar

    Firefox! Or Follow Friday 😛

  3. Jim Grey Avatar

    Follow Friday.

  4. Petya Avatar


  5. Beau Lebens Avatar

    Freedom Fighter

  6. Nick Momrik Avatar

    Without any context, due to it being on a blog, “Follow Friday” came to mind first.

  7. Robert Felty Avatar

    Firefox (followed closely by FriendFeed – I miss FriendFeed (though I am enjoying the WordPress.com Reader more all the time! )

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