Washing Clothes

Is there a real difference between spinning clothes at 1600RPM or 800RPM? And washing at 40C or 55C? I have no idea.

Washing clothes is fascinating because it can be the common ground for so many stories in life.

I have memories of a laundromat in Beverly Hills where I was complimented by this old lady about my folding skills. She was so impressed on how carefully I was folding my tshirts.

Once in NYC I spent 120 dollars to get seven tshirts, seven pair of socks and seven boxers washed at the hotel I was staying. I could have bought them new and saved money.

Dryers are not common in Europe and I don’t have one at home. So my clothes dries on a hanger. It saves me from ironing, but it takes a full day to have them clean and ready to be packed again.

I didn’t want to have an iron at home, so I didn’t feel bad for not ironing. I had a guest, living at my apartment for a few weeks, who left one behind. I had it on a shelf for months, now it’s in Che basement. I don’t like to be judged by a cardboard box, so there it went.

Now I’m waiting for my clothes to be ready for repacking. I’m here in Amsterdam for the week, leaving tomorrow to Austin, Texas. I packed 5 days of clothes for a 13 days trip. A few more minutes and my bag will be ready again.

It’s almost time to go.





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