Unite and Prosper

When Julius Caesar wanted to conquer Gaul, used a warfare technique called “Divide ed Impera”, which means “Separate and Conquer”.

He was heading the most impressive army of the world, very prepared, well equipped, and extremely organized. They had a definite hierarchy, the chain of command was solid from the last footman to the General itself.

On the other side of the front, there were hundreds of tribes, spread over a large surface of land, related to each other with weak family bonds, but not very well interconnected.

The game was simple for Caesar, he made sure they were not talking to each other, and leveled every single tribe against him, just crushing them with his impressively organized force.

Europe kept this attitude of being fragmented for the next 2000 years and maybe it’s the very identity we have. Every country has a different culture, different language, and until recently, a different currency.

Our generation forgets how divided Europe was until the Schengen trait. Now we fly smoothly across the continent and most of the time we don’t even have to change the money we have in our pockets.

We still have a few barriers with languages, but English is helping a lot.

We should build more bridges and dismantle more walls.

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  1. Simone Brunozzi (@simon) Avatar

    Small error: you either write “Dividi e comanda” (in Italian), or “Divide et Impera” (in Latin, with the accent on the second “i” on Divide, and the first “I” on Impera).

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