Today’s magic

When I left home in the morning, I just said: “Hey Siri, turn off the lights”, and that was it. I looked on my phone for a car, which I don’t own, booked and opened it without even touching it. My destination was already loaded on the GPS-Nav, I only had to follow it to get the airport.

Thousands of people go through the Vienna Airport every day, and large metal pipes with wings take them all over the world with absolute precision. Two hundred people are easily fit into one of those winged pipes and delivered at destination.

On my economy class seat I have a power supply for my laptop, USB charging plugs for my devices, the WiFi works slow but steadily on this Lufthansa flight across the Atlantic Ocean. I’m currently at 11052 meters above the water, and I’m working as I was sitting at my desk.

I exchanged a few emails, read the news, connected with my colleagues, crunched numbers, and published results. All of this flying.

It’s amazing how quickly technology is improving our lives but what amazes me is how quickly we adapt to it. To the point that when Siri misses one of my commands I get annoyed. I mean, it misses one command every ten or so, and I have to repeat myself. Then I realize that I’m giving commands to a machine, and it understands, and it executes. How can I get so annoyed if missed a few words now and then?





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  1. Beau Lebens Avatar

    Louie C.K. has a great bit on how amazing life is (and that’s not even including half the magic you’ve mentioned above). We’re slowly getting there — to the future!

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