Three things I like in New York

The pizza with burrata at Kesté in Bleecker street is outstanding. Five years ago I had it and I was surprised to find such a creamy deliciousness here, thousands of miles away from its birthplace. But one lucky shot can always happen.

I just came back to Kesté and the burrata is still there, stronger than ever. Probably the most amazing pizza I’ve ever had.

Next up for the Ramen at Mamafuku on First Avenue. The soup is amazing, the noodles too and the poached egg makes the difference. Every single chair is carefully realigned between customers and for every pair of chopstick taken from the rack, a new pair gets in. All is maniacally cleaned and tidied up. So amazing.

To conclude the trio I would recommend a pastrami sandwich at Katz Dely. Beyond sitting on the very table “where Harry met Sally” the atmosphere is unique, don’t miss it!





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