Three golden tips on street photography by Eric Kim

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Yesterday, Eric Kim, one of my favourite international street photographers, published a list of 102 thing he learned about street photography. The three following ones are my favorites:

21. Post-processing your images digitally should never take more than a minute

Spend more time shooting rather than working on photoshop. Save your post-processing skills for your studio work. I used to spend too much time processing my pictures. I was straightening horizons, correcting perspectives, brushing away spots and glitches. Then I visited an exhibition by Henri Cartier-Bresson and I realized that all the work I was putting on my pictures was totally worthless. The value of street photography is somewhere else. It’s out there, being at the right place, at the right time, shooting.

47. Always carry your camera with you everywhere you go. Everywhere

That’s why I decided to switch to a rangefinder (hybrid) camera and I bought myself the Fuji X100. I always have my camera with me and my Nikon D90+lens was definitely not handy enough. So it happened that I had to leave it at home sometimes. Guess what, every time that happened, a great picture was there, waiting for me. But I was not ready.

64. The best combo: one camera and one lens

Every time I went out shooting with more than one camera in the bag, I spent more time switching equipment rather than taking pictures. Same story when I took two or more lenses with me. Now I stick to one camera and one lens rule and the results are much better.

68. “Realize that most of your photographs are crap” – Charlie Kirk

Since I accepted this, I feel much better.





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