Things 3

A few months ago I switched all my paper lists to Things, a beautiful app that keeps all my todos across all my devices. It allows to create recurring todos, schedule deadlines, organise projects.

Today I upgraded to the new version, which comes with a set of new exciting features like sub-checklists, headings, calendar integration, etc.

I highly recommend it, it dramatically improved my process and since I started using it for all the things to do, my productivity has improved big times.





2 responses to “Things 3”

  1. kOoLiNuS Avatar

    I am evaluating this … the one thing I am missing is some kind of “delegation” to another person, like I can do with Wunderlist od Todoist.

    Also, reading some reviews, seems there’s no way to “email yourself” a task … personally I don’t see myself doing this, but I can see its convenience for some workflows.

    What can you tell us? You rely on Trello or else for teamwork?

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      Things is great for personal productivity. If you need a team management tool, it’s not exactly the right solution. For teamwork I really on Trello, mostly.

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