The North Face Access Pack: the ultimate hands-on review.

I recently purchased The North Face Access Pack and I spent a few days testing it here in Vienna. This is the my ultimate hands-on review.

A different feeling

This backpack is different from any other backpack I have ever had. The other bags I have are supposed to be filled up with stuff. They are mere containers and you can organise the content as you like. This backpack is designed to fit digital devices.

It perfectly fits a 13MBP in its sleeve, its charger, an iPad pro with the Smart Keyboard, an iPhone 6S Plus, a wallet, two pens, a paper notebook, the Bose QC15 with their case, my gym clothes (t-shirt and shorts). I also fit a roost, an Apple Magic Keyboard, a Magic Trackpad 2 and my beloved Fujifilm X-Pro 2.

The bag has a sleek design and it keeps its form, so when it’s full, it’s full, there is no extra stretch to rely on. It also looks great when it’s empty because of the shape.

Day to day or travel bag?

Definitely day to day bag, but I will use it for travelling as well. It won’t hold clothes, so it might probably require an extra carry on or checked in luggage if the trip is longer than a couple of days.

Should I buy it or not?

The answer is: I don’t know.

I’m happy with it and I’m happy I had the chance to buy one as soon as it was out. I have no idea about your taste in terms of bags and your needs, so I cannot tell you.

I recommend to read this early review on Techcrunch and purchase the bag on Amazon. Then you give it a try for a couple of weeks and if it’s not for you, simply send it back!

If you have any question about The North Face Access Pack, just drop a comment and I’ll be happy to answer!





6 responses to “The North Face Access Pack: the ultimate hands-on review.”

  1. Nicola Mustone Avatar

    Hey Luca,
    Thanks for the review!

    I watched some videos about it and read the review on Tech Crunch and I decided to not get it. The videos I saw were not good about it with and valid reasons, and also Tech Crunch wrote this that made me take this final decision.

    can’t stand upright for its life, and will create a sweat patch on your back that is very uncomfortable.


    its dry weight is quite frankly too heavy.

    You used it for a bit, what are your thoughts regarding those points?

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      It’s true that it does not stand by its own, it’s designed to land flat on a table top.
      Regarding the sweaty patch, it’s not any better or any worse than any other backpack I’ve had so far.

  2. Jrjfjfd Avatar

    Ultimate hands on review????

    under deliver much.

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      You are right. I need to pick this up and do a proper review. I promise I will soon.

  3. Abel Jones Avatar
    Abel Jones

    What about stowing under a plane seat?

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      It fits perfectly under the seat.

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