The Importance of Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Industry: Lessons from My Time at Automattic

Today I announce my departure from Automattic. After almost nine incredible years of professional growth and development, I have decided it is time for me to move on and take on new adventures.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that Automattic has given me over the years. From the moment I joined the team as a Growth Engineer on Akismet, up to my last role as Director of Product Engineering on Jetpack, I knew that this was a special place filled with talented and passionate individuals.

I sincerely thank all my colleagues, who have become more like a family to me over the years. Your support and friendship have meant the world to me, and I will always cherish the memories we have made together.

Over the past few years, I have been devoted to managing engineering teams and cultivating a new generation of engineering leaders.

With pervasive generative artificial intelligence rising, software development is undergoing a transformation. Advanced tools are amplifying the creation of digital assets, ranging from content production to design to algorithms. This rapid advancement in the industry further emphasizes the importance of how organizations are structured, organized, and managed.

I am firm in the belief that effective leadership requires more than just instinct. It takes dedication, passion, and a conscious effort to understand, support, and direct people. Whilst positional influence may have been a critical management tool in the past, it is no longer sufficient in an industry where talent is no longer confined by geography.

Through my experience managing teams with members spread across 12+ time zones from Hyderabad, India, to Portland, Oregon, I implemented processes to ensure productivity, resilience, and reliability. I have come to understand that while tools, objectives, and technologies are constantly changing, good leadership is an essential pillar for any organization.

Leadership can transform average teams into high-performing ones by creating an environment of understanding, support, and appreciation that attracts and retains the best talent.

As I embark on this next stage in my professional journey, I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that await me. I am currently assessing a few new ventures and am open to engaging in conversations regarding potential collaborations or employment offers.

What can I do for you?

I am confident that I can help your company become location agnostic, making your projects attractive to an international talent pool. Additionally, I can assess the quality of your leadership and provide recommendations for improvement to amplify their results.

Lastly, I can assist in developing the next generation of managers within your organization, as I successfully did in the recent past.

I am eager to collaborate on new and exciting projects adding value to ambitious teams to make them even more successful.

Get in touch, and let’s talk!






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