Eric Binnion

“I’ve worked with Luca for several years.

In that time, there are two things that stand out to me most about Luca.

First, Luca is a wonderful coach and manager. In my position as development lead of Jetpack, my first position where I was leading other leads, my 1:1s with Luca often contained some component where Luca was coaching me in an effort to help improve the division.

Further, Luca also dedicated time to improving other engineering leads in the company.

Second, Luca knows how to build teams that get stuff done. In my time as development lead of Jetpack, there were several times that I turned to Luca’s teams with loose direction knowing that they would get it done. In short, I think very highly of Luca and I think he’s a strong addition to any team. ”

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Published by Luca Sartoni

Tech pro with 20 yrs experience leading product dev, managing eng teams, and mentoring leads. He/Him