Tech Events: past, present, future

After an entire summer spent at my office in Vienna, as soon as leaves started to fall from trees I started to fill-up my frequent flier account, attending a bunch of tech events in a very fast sequence.

I went to Failcon France in September, Webit Congress in Istanbul and DLD TelAviv in October, Pioneers Festival here in Vienna in November and I’m so looking forward to Leweb Paris in December.

Failcon France

Failcon France 2012
Failcon France was a very cozy event, hosted by Microsoft and organized by Cass Phillipps and Roxanne Varza. The format is pretty simple: the speakers are embracing their failures in order to share the learnings they got out of them. It was my first Failcon and I was so inspired by the format that I’m currently working on the Italian Edition. Not much to tell yet, more info soon…

Webit Congress Istanbul

Webit 2012 - Istanbul
I have to confess that the first time I went to Istanbul in 2012 I didn’t like it very much. This time, maybe because I was sharing the experience with Francesco and Giuliano, I had so much fun! The conference itself was a bit disappointing but the people I met totally worth the travel. I had the chance to hang out with people coming from all over the world and got to know a bunch of new friends. I also had kebab at every meal for about a week, breakfast included.
Have a look at mysugr, busuu and imagga, they are really cool stuff!

DLD Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv
I didn’t even had the time to forget the Turkish kebab that my blood got floded with Hummus and Falafels. My week in Tel Aviv was very intense but the opportunity to spend time with my buddy Alessio is always priceless. I was working twice as hard, as it happens most of my days now, but I took a few moments for myself to take pictures in one of the most amazing cities in the world. You can find a great gallery on my Flickr.
The conference was very interesting, because following the long DLD tradition, they were able to mix up the top notch personalities with the general audience of the conference in a very unique and inspiring way. Kudos to Yossi Vardi for the location and the great event.

Pioneers Festival 2012

Pioneers Festival Day One
What to say… It was unbelievable!
One of the most passionate team ever plus one of the best location ever gave as a natural result one of th best tech events ever! Pioneers Festival definitely raised up the bar in terms of quality and internationalization in the european tech even scene. I was covering the event with Heisenberg Media and we had so much fun! (I will tell about it in one of my next blogpost…)

Leweb Paris 2012

Leweb Paris is a must. I’m always looking forward to it and this year, once again, I will be there. If you have already been there you know what I’m talking about: top of the notch speakers, great people to network with, awesome opportunities to meet the greatest people in the industry and why not, great entertainment. If you have never been there, you totally have to get there: it’s the only event in Europe where half of the Silicon Valley is present.
BTW: this year the theme is “Internet of things”, check it out!
Don’t miss it!





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