Take your time

There are days when going out seems so difficult. Every item on the schedule gets easily paired with a compelling excuse. They don’t even need to be too complicated to justify staying in.

This happens to me on weekends, when being alone in the city is the only option. I’m a social person, outgoing most of the times, but every now and then I need to take my own day off.

I don’t shop, I don’t go out, I don’t write, I don’t take pictures. However this little writing commitment is breaking the flatness of this Sunday.

I guess pushing myself away from the known territory was part of the deal, so here I am, dedicating these ten minutes on the metro to this blogpost.

Yes, at the end I got out because there is a concert I have a ticket for. This band played ten years ago in a club we used to go every Saturday.

Ten years after I’m going to assist them again, in a different city, with different people, it’s a different me and most probably it will be a different experience.

I’m kinda happy I decided to go, I mean, 15 minutes ago, when I was almost on the border of calling myself sick. If this writing excercise is supposed to take me out of my comfort zone, it’s totally working.

I took my day off and now I’m taking time for a well welcome performance. Take your time, it will turn out well. No worries.





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