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  • How Photoblogging Daily for a Year Made Me a Better Photographer

    Today I’ll teach you how to become better at what you do with a simple exercise. With me, it worked with photography, but you can apply it to cooking, music, storytelling or any creative art. A Gracious Encounter In December 2015 I took a few days off after WordCamp US in Philadelphia and, on my…

  • WordCamp Torino – Contributor Day

    More than a hundred people from all over Europe, contributing to WordPress. It’s happening right now in Torino. And tomorrow, WordCamp!

  • Why The Plumber Always Wins

    Why The Plumber Always Wins

    I was born and raised in a country house. My grandparents had a farm and I spent my childhood playing in the fields. But when I turned 16, I got my first modem and my internet adventure started. When my father married my mother, he built the house we were supposed to live in. He…

  • Powering Business Sites with WordPress

    Powering Business Sites with WordPress

    I’m going to tell you a story you’ve probably heard before and it goes like this: You have a friend who has a shop, a restaurant or a yoga studio. He has heard about the wonders of the Internet and one day, he asks you to help him set up a website for his business.…

  • My core experience at WordCamp Europe 2014 Contributor Day

    I can handle code but I cannot consider myself a developer so I joined this Contributor Day in Sofia with a big question mark: what would I be doing? I guess it’s a common question because it was very clear from the very first moment that many activities were tailored to entry level and first…

  • My presentation at WPVienna: “Elements of CRO”

    My presentation at WPVienna: “Elements of CRO”

    Last night I presented “Elements of CRO” at Vienna WordPress Meetup. It was a great night with interesting questions e such a nice vibe. If you are in Vienna and you love WordPress you should join us. Check out the meetup group and join the gang, big things are coming up!

  • The first day at WordCamp Europe 2013 #wceu

    The first day at WordCamp Europe 2013 #wceu

    Enjoy the first day of #WCEU in pictures on my flickr set.

  • WordCamp Europe – here I come!

    WordCamp Europe – here I come!

    See you all at the first edition of WordCamp Europe in Leiden, The Netherlands. I’m part of the happy crew of volunteers that will kick off the event tomorrow and will spend three awesome days hosting a great conference about WordPress! With more than 700 attendees and a great speakers lineup, I’m sure it will…