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  • Three golden tips on street photography by Eric Kim

    Yesterday, Eric Kim, one of my favourite international street photographers, published a list of 102 thing he learned about street photography. The three following ones are my favorites: 21. Post-processing your images digitally should never take more than a minute Spend more time shooting rather than working on photoshop. Save your post-processing skills for your […]

  • “Urban Gods and Goddesses” video photo show

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLP_9vDS5zk&w=640&h=360] This video was featured during “Gods and Goddesses” Valentine’s party in San Francisco, organized by Trendy Lime. It includes a selection of my pictures from Austin, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Berlin, Vienna. Some of my friends are portrayed: Alessio, Bernhard, Iris, Liana, Alexia, Loic, Teymur, Kris, Benedetta and Luis. Enjoy!

  • Improving my black and white workflow

    I spent the last few days deeply inspecting my photographic workflow. I have a brand new preset for lightroom to process my BW pictures. My goal is to reduce the time spent in front of my computer, in order to spend much more time on the street with my camera. I re-edited a few shots […]

  • Amsterdam Street Photography Meetup

    Amsterdam Street Photography Meetup

    Today I had the pleasure to lead a workshop about street photography in Amsterdam. The meetup was organized by Irina from KGS Global. Let’s say that the weather was not on our side but we had some good fun. I had the chance to share some of my tips on how to be creative, have […]

  • Shooting in the street – A day in Venice  – part 1

    Shooting in the street – A day in Venice – part 1

    Yesterday I spent the day in Venice with my friend Giorgio. Despite the fact that my hometown is just 150km far from one of the most amazing cities in the world, I hadn’t gone to Venice since I was a teenager. The weather was not too bad, considering it was the second of january, it […]

  • How important are rules in Photography? Hipstamatic vs Instagram – The Sartonialist Podcast

    How important are rules in Photography? Hipstamatic vs Instagram – The Sartonialist Podcast

    This week on my podcast I talk about rules and photography with Teymur Madjderey @icedsoul. We also discuss about Hipstamatic and Instagram, traditional photography and MForMurder. I also picked a name for the podcast: “The Sartonialist”. Not sure I will keep it, but let’s see… Enjoy!

  • Shodan – my first photo exhibition

    After more than two months of work, tonight I will open my first photo exhibition: Shodan. I didn’t blog too much about it because I was really busy unpacking boxes, hanging curtains, designing cards and flows. But definitely I will find a way to describe the overwhelming spirit of an exhibition, going from the digital […]

  • Nikon D90 vs Fuji X100

    I spent a few days in Cologne at Teymur‘s place and I fell in love with a new camera: Fujifilm X100 limited edition. So I decided, after a few hours out taking pictures in the street, to come up with this blogpost with the purpose to summarize my fresh experience with this new camera, compared […]

  • Postcards from Italy

    I’m spending two weeks of vacation back in Ravenna, Italy, my hometown. I decided to spend my holidays here because during the last few months I travelled a lot, and once I’ll be back in Vienna my non-stop-travelling will start again. The plan was to come here, relax and spend some days with my family […]

  • Another three pictures from San Francisco

    I really love to take pictures in San Francisco. Here another selection of three pictures i took during the last days. I met so many people and so many things are happened that I will need weeks to wrap up all my ideas and describe the awesome experience in this city. In the meanwhile enjoy […]