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  • 3 cognitive biases you should be aware of

    3 cognitive biases you should be aware of

    Confirmation bias I’ve seen confirmation bias kicking in many times, especially when dealing with black box problems. SEO for instance is a well developed topic and you can find many established practices nevertheless some areas of SEO are still empiric. The fact that Google does not disclose the entire algorithm behind the ranking and changes…

  • Asking is better that guessing: Qualaroo

    Asking is better that guessing: Qualaroo

    How many times you got stuck in a meeting with designers, developers, project managers and sometimes people from the MGMT in the middle of a religious debate? No I’m not referring to real Religion. I’m talking about something that usually goes like: – “I think our users wants to get $this_product as soon as they…

  • Web Content Strategy: Alessandra Farabegoli in video

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEqxER-ZGjY&fs=1&hl=en_US] Primo video di Alessandra Farabegoli a proposito di Content Strategy. Moltissimi complimenti ad Alessandra per questo debutto in video! Assolutamente da leggere anche il post correlato sul suo blog. Buona visione! Vi consiglio di seguire Alessandra anche su Twitter.