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  • I don’t have any agent

    Some weirdos at Athletepromotions.com probably harvested my name somewhere on the Internet and claim they represent me as my agents for events, promotions, appearances. This is bullshit. Just to make clear. I don’t have any contract, relationship nor acquaintance with these people. You want to hire me? fine, this is my email: info@lucasartoni.com. That’s it.

  • Scott Berkun: an open letter to speakers

    After “An Open Letter to Conference Organizers“, Scott Berkun published a very interesting “Open Letter To Speakers“. If you are a speaker at any public event, I’d suggest you to read it: Your mistakes on stage are your own fault. You are a performer. Good performers don’t blame their tools. If your laptop flakes out,…

  • Speakerwiki – Review me!

    SpeakerWiki is a very nice wiki about public speakers. If you attended one of my presentations, please review my profile 🙂 Don’t be shy and let me know how i can improve my skills! Your opinion is very important to me. Visit SpeakerWiki and drop a line.