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  • Failed projects and accounts

    I recently realised that sometimes letting go is much harder than holding tight. But a few things have been dragging for too long and the only way to move on is to let things go and turn the page. This is a list of things that I’m officially dismissing: My 365 project on Instagram My…

  • How to achieve success: the master photographers about their own business

    What is success, how to get a hold on it? This video is one of the best answer to these questions. It’a talk about photography by world class photographers. Do yourself a favor and watch it now. Enjoy! Via FStoppers

  • Follow me: my new photo blog is online

    A few weeks ago I started a new online adventure in the form of a photo portfolio. At the very beginning I just wanted to have all of my best pictures on the same website but then I started publishing content on a regular basis and I realised that having a focused topic was helping…

  • The American Dream on Wet Plate Photographies

    [vimeo 53917349 w=400 h=300] This moving video is just amazing. Check it out!

  • Don’t get screwed over

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lY9Nl8QrOA&w=640&h=360] “Don’t get screwed over” is a very nice social experiment to raise awareness on working with legal papers when freelancing. These people were engaged promising to be payed five dollars for their drawings. But then the payment was refused because the result was not good enough. The reactions are very interesting. Enjoy the…

  • Great news for street photographers in DC

    “A bystander has the same right to take photographs or make recordings as a member of the media”: DC police chief announces reasonable cell camera policy. Check it out on ArsTechnica.

  • My first day of street photography in Singapore

    I landed yesterday in Singapore to visit my friends Lisa and Simone. I’ll be here for a week and beside my job I will spend a lot of time taking pictures in the street. Today was my first day and I went to Chinatown. In a few hours I found out three things about this…

  • Social Photography: dalla Polaroid a Instagram – Ravenna, Liceo Artistico, 14 aprile 2012 h11.00

    Sono molto felice di essere stato coinvolto in un progetto di Gerardo Lamattina che mi avrà come protagonista il prossimo sabato 14 aprile 2012 a Ravenna. Presenterò una lezione dal titolo “Social Photograhy, dalla Polaroid a Instagram” esplorando le nuove frontiere della fotografia nella sua accezione di oggetto sociale. Social Photography, dalla Polaroid a Instagram…

  • It’s not a camera, it’s a time machine

    [vimeo 39578584 w=400 h=300] Ian Ruther built the biggest wet plate camera in the world. Unbelievably beautiful. Enjoy the video!

  • Three golden tips on street photography by Eric Kim

    Yesterday, Eric Kim, one of my favourite international street photographers, published a list of 102 thing he learned about street photography. The three following ones are my favorites: 21. Post-processing your images digitally should never take more than a minute Spend more time shooting rather than working on photoshop. Save your post-processing skills for your…