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  • Summer Holidays 2014 – Road Trippin’

    Summer Holidays 2014 – Road Trippin’

    This year I spent my summer vacations on the road visiting Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Here a selections of my best shots. You can find the full gallery on Flickr.

  • How to achieve success: the master photographers about their own business

    What is success, how to get a hold on it? This video is one of the best answer to these questions. It’a talk about photography by world class photographers. Do yourself a favor and watch it now. Enjoy! Via FStoppers

  • A new photographic project: Heisenberg Media

    A new photographic project: Heisenberg Media

    Dan Taylor, Ritchie Pettauer and I just started a new photographic project: Heisenberg Media. We are launching the project at Pioneers Festival 2012 here in Vienna. We are fully covering the festival with pictures and specials. Enjoy our webisite, explore our flickr, follow us on twitter and like us facebook!

  • Shtuff People Say to Photographers

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niyTIbiV19A&w=640&h=360] Enjoy this video, it’s awesome! Via FStoppers

  • Nada live at Bronson

    Nada live at Bronson

    Holidays are almost over, three more days in Ravenna and I’m heading back to Vienna. Yesterday I spent another night at Bronson and I took the opportunity to take some pics of the gig, the crowd and the crew. Full picture set on Flickr. Enjoy.

  • Getting closer – A day in Venice – part 2

    Getting closer – A day in Venice – part 2

    My day in Venice was completely devoted to explore some limits of my photographic skills. The first study was about the gear I should carry around and as I wrote previously, it’s much better to focus on what you have rather on what you could have, switching camera or lens. This is also true when…

  • Shooting in the street – A day in Venice  – part 1

    Shooting in the street – A day in Venice – part 1

    Yesterday I spent the day in Venice with my friend Giorgio. Despite the fact that my hometown is just 150km far from one of the most amazing cities in the world, I hadn’t gone to Venice since I was a teenager. The weather was not too bad, considering it was the second of january, it…

  • Shodan Reprise opening speech

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8KccHO1lJQ?rel=0&w=560&h=315] This is my opening speech (in italian) at Shodan Reprise in Ravenna. Thank you Alessandra for the opening and Fargo for the hospitality. Enjoy!

  • Shodan – my first photo exhibition

    After more than two months of work, tonight I will open my first photo exhibition: Shodan. I didn’t blog too much about it because I was really busy unpacking boxes, hanging curtains, designing cards and flows. But definitely I will find a way to describe the overwhelming spirit of an exhibition, going from the digital…

  • Three pictures from San Francisco

    Yesterday I spent my late afternoon walking around because the only way to understand a city is to explore it on foot. There’s no other way. I took soo many valuable pictures that i cannot feature them all. This is a just a selection of three I’m really proud of, but you can find the…