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  • Nice Glider! – Harper Reed’s business card riddle solved

    Nice Glider! – Harper Reed’s business card riddle solved

    I met Harper Reed last fall in Dublin during the Web Summit and f.ounders. When he handed over his business card I noticed a cool logo featured on it and I made a simple remark: “Nice glider!”. This video is exactly what happened next. I had have never been so proud of being an hard…

  • kompany Startup Hangout – join the conversation

    kompany Startup Hangout – join the conversation

    A few months ago I took a new challenge and with a group of trusted friends I decided to start a new company called kompany. We incorporated the company on February the 29th 2012 (how many companies you know were incorporated on a leap day?) and in a few months we went through two rounds…

  • Singapore Street Photography – Day 6: Marina Bay

    The skydeck on top of the Marina Bay Sands is amazing, with its 150m long swimming pool and the observatory deck, is one of the most impressive building I’ve ever been on top. I’m generally scared of heights but this time the curiosity to be on top of the most expensive hotel property in the…

  • Singapore Street Photography – Day 5: couples

    Check out the complete gallery on Flickr and the premium selection on 500px!

  • Singapore Street Photography – Day 4: Lisa and Simone

    Today I spent my day with Lisa and Simone, my great friends and hosts here in Singapore. Check out the complete gallery on Flickr and the premium selection on 500px!

  • There is oil in them there hills – Film documentary

    [kickstarter url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russellperry/there-is-oil-in-them-there-hills width=480] I’m supporting the production of this film documentary about independent oil. Have a look!

  • Next week in Rome

    Next week I will be in Rome and I will attend a couple of interesting events: I diritti dell’utente digitale – Rome 7th of June 2011 The Ugo Bordone Foundation is organizing an event about “Rights of the digital users”. My friend Guido Scorza will open the seminar with a keynote speech and it will…

  • Jeff Jarvis, Alexia Tsotsis, Hanni Ross: portraits from SXSW

    My SXSW 2011 is just finished and I want to wrap it up with three great portraits I took during my week in Austin TX: Jeff Jarvis, Alexia Tsotsis and Hanni Ross. Jeff Jarvis Jeff’s speech at SXSW was definitely the most interesting one of the many I attended. His vision about privacy and publicness…

  • The Year in quotes: great hints from Conversation Agent

    Christmas Thoughts 2010 View more presentations from Valeria Maltoni. This slide show is simple, clean and straight to the point: “the biggest opportunity for social is to convert a buyer (one time) into a customer (repeat business), and move an employee/recruit from resource to a collaborator and co-creator of meaning and purpose with customers.”. You…