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  • Ames test – Carcinogens and Natural foods

    Ames test – Carcinogens and Natural foods

    “If you eat natural foods do it because you like the flavor, don’t do it because you think you’re avoiding carcinogens, if anything it’s just the opposite.” Very interesting point about organic food and mutations by Professor Richard A. Muller of Berkeley. Enjoy!

  • My first day of street photography in Singapore

    I landed yesterday in Singapore to visit my friends Lisa and Simone. I’ll be here for a week and beside my job I will spend a lot of time taking pictures in the street. Today was my first day and I went to Chinatown. In a few hours I found out three things about this…

  • Polpette in Agrodolce

    So che non รจ usuale che io scriva di cibo e ricette su questo blog, ma dato che ieri sera ho cucinato un piatto fuori dal mio solito schema risotto-frittata-pastasciutta, allora meglio immortalarlo anche qui: Polpette in Agrodolce Ingredienti 300g di manzo tritato 300g di vitello tritato (qualcuno mi dica la differenza, per me era…