Social Media recap

It’s time for a change, so I don’t exclude that very soon this blog will change its template to make it more readable and complete.

In the meanwhile let me recap my online presence.


Some people say that blogs are dead. This blog is not, get over it.


My favorite channel to express my thoughts and share links. I still cannot clearly explain why so many people are following me, but that’s their problem, not mine.


It’s my phototwitter. I just love it. Just follow me there and you’ll make me happy. But also take pictures yourself otherwise it’s not so much fun.


I like it very much but it’s not mature yet. The noise level is very low but only because there are no APIs available for third party apps. Then the circle system is pretty powerful to filter out unwanted spammers.


My professional hub, and one of the few places where I’m very strict in terms of connections. If you want to connect with me on LinkedIn, please introduce yourself, otherwise I will decline the request. If you just read my blog and you wanna connect, no problem, but take 2 minutes to explain me why. That’s it.


Just friend me, no problem. I’m still struggling if I should have a fan page for my readers and strict my profile just to close friends like many other did, but I’m not too sure it fits to me. Maybe you have a better solution, just drop down a comment.


I don’t have any direct influence on my klout score and I don’t have any idea why it’s so high. Stop asking me about it. Period.


This is the photoblog I share with Letizia. We both post pictures taken during our travels. Just stuff that we like straight from our Flickr accounts.


M for Murder is a phototumblr I share with Teymur (someone else will join us soon). The idea is to have a place for our street photography, following our basic rules:

  1. We only shoot prime lenses
  2. We respect our subjects
  3. we don’t just shoot for the sake of shooting, we are looking for a meaning, a story


All my likes on flickr, youtube,, instagram, etc. are collected on my favblog. Just have a look at it and let me know, but remember that is just an archive, no more than that.


All of my pictures are collected there. And when I say all, I mean all. At the moment there are more than 8.130 pictures. I try to keep them organized but sometimes are just a mess.


It’s a relic from the past. Many of my italian friends are very active there and it’s a nice spot to get some small talks. But definitely nothing relevant happens there anymore.





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