Sleep training

I’m able to sleep through the shortest of the flights. I sleep better on short trips rather than on longer ones. I settle on my seat, and I’m gone. Since I started avoiding any airplane food, things are even more extreme because I don’t wake up for snacks or such.

The thin recycled air in the cabin makes me prone to sleep, but sometimes I need to optimize the sleep schedule, so I’ve come up with a few tricks to push my napping to the extreme.

I always sleep with the same three pieces when I go to sleep, to the point I conditioned my brain. Every time I play them I fall like a stone. Here they are:

  • Fantasie Impromptu, Op.66 – Chopin
  • Piano Concert n.5 in E-Flat Major, Op. 73 – Beethoven
  • Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven

I always bring a sleep mask with me, so to turn the light down at any time I need to. Light and darkness are the most important signals and going dark helps a lot.

The third trick is breath control. I slow down my breathing on purpose, pushing it as deep as I can. I usually count up to 15 seconds to inhale and 15 to exhale, with a 5-second pause. I push air as slow as possible, deep down and extremely slow.

It ​works, you should try!





2 responses to “Sleep training”

  1. Leonardo Rossi (@leorossi) Avatar

    What is your regular sleep cycle?
    Do you also take one (or more) naps/power-naps during your daytime?

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      I don’t usually nap during the day, but when my schedule gets really difficult or jetlag gets heavy, napping is the solution. But napping for me is at least 90 minutes, otherwise it does not work for me.

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