Saturday morning

Just a few days in and I got stuck already. It sounds easy to pick a prompt and write for ten minutes. But other things take over and you end up struggling for ideas.One feels too trivial, the other too complex for a ten minute piece. Shall I write about winter? Oh, com’on. Then I add a nice picture of a leaf on the floor and I’m done. Nope.

Shall I write about the latest show on Netflix? Don’t know, to say what? That I like it and it’s brilliant? Nope

How about the lady on the other side of the team in this warm November Saturday morning. Reading a newspaper while we slide through a sleepy Vienna. Nope.
I gave myself he freedom to ramble as much as I like on this writing project. If my thoughts side track, I’ll just follow. I also allow myself to go meta, just like now. Why not. It makes sense.

I woke up at 6:30 to be early at the gym. I also wanted to drop a parcel at the post office on the way. Too bad I’m not in sync with this city yet. Both the gym and the post office will open at 9:00. So now I’m on my way to breakfast, rearranging my schedule for the day.

Days like today are difficult.





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