Relative Deprivation Theory: Malcolm Gladwell at Zeitgeist Americas 2013

Check out this video, it’s brilliant. It clearly explains why it’s better to choose a less renowned college and being a top student rather than picking an elite college and drop out because:

“As human being we do not form our self-assessments based on our standing in the world. We form our self assessments based on our standing in our immediate circle”

That recalls me an old jokes somebody told me once:

“There are two guys who want to go for a robbery. They carefully pick a jewellery shop owned by an old woman. It happens that the woman has a huge dog guarding the shop. The plan is to get in, pick some valuables and run as fast as they can. The fist dude goes immediately to pick his running shoes and starts to tight up the strings. The other guy then asks him “why the hell are you doing this? You would never run faster than that dog, not even with those shoes!”. The other guy replies: “I don’t need to run faster than the dog, I just need to run faster than you!”.





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