Recap on my online presence: blog, portfolio, twitter, linkedin, flickr

Main Blog: general purpose aggregator

On my main blog I post stuff that I like and that is somehow realted to my work/life/dreams/expectations/career. I don’t want to focus on a specific topic and I have to admit that lately I didn’t post that often. This does not mean that I’m not interested in keeping it open. I post from time to time so subscribe to it if you like. You can subscribe via email here!

Twitter: news channel

Everything that happens to me or that I like, goes straight to my Twitter stream. Follow me if you want to keep up to date!
Link: @lucasartoni

Portfolio blog: photography experience

Where I display my photo portfolio and I regularly blog about photography. Most of the times are photo sessions but I also like to reblog other people’s inspiring stuff. I’m trying to keep a regular activity there, have a look and leave feedback!

Flickr: photo repository

All of my public pictures go here. I don’t have a theme or a topic. Every single image that I publish goes here. I use Flickr as the main repository for my final images and as a distribution channel for my photos. All of my images go out under CC-BY and it’s so easy to send people here when they want to download a picture I took. I organize the pictures into sets in order to keep everithing together.

LinkedIn: professional life

On LinkedIn you can find all my professional activities. I don’t produce specific content for LinkedIn yet, but I’m seriously thinking about it. It looks like a good idea. At the moment is my curated friends’ repository. I strictly select people to be connected with. So if you want to connect with me don’t use a standard request. Tell me where we met or why it should be appropriate to be connected. I tend to refuse standard requests from unknown people.





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