Postcards from Italy

I’m spending two weeks of vacation back in Ravenna, Italy, my hometown. I decided to spend my holidays here because during the last few months I travelled a lot, and once I’ll be back in Vienna my non-stop-travelling will start again. The plan was to come here, relax and spend some days with my family that I hadn’t seen for a pretty long time.

Being here on holiday is giving me the opportunity to see this city with a new peace of mind and the same streets I used to walk on during my childhood are completely different now through the glass of my camera. I’m unexpectedly surprised by the beauty of this place.

These are the postcards about my new experience, enjoy.





2 responses to “Postcards from Italy”

  1. Simone Brunozzi Avatar

    Bellissime foto… Si vede che ti sei abbronzato, eh 🙂

  2. marco Avatar

    Caz che belle foto Sarto! Ciao, Marco

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