Pokemon Go: Field test

Yesterday I downloaded Pokémon Go on my iPhone, and I have been playing for a couple of hours or so. It’s really addictive.

I knew nothing about Pokemons before, so I’m a real noob. However I wanted to try this acclaimed game to better understand all the buzz about it.

Today I spent quite some time wandering around the garden catching little creatures. 

It’s fun, let’s see how long it will last.





4 responses to “Pokemon Go: Field test”

  1. Ritu Avatar

    I’m not sure I understand the fascination!!!!

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      Me neither 🙂 LoL

      1. Ritu Avatar

        Thank God my kids aren’t interested lol!

  2. Sarah Hardy Avatar

    wasnt interested in it first time round but i have a tendency of getting quite addicted to games so won’t be downloading just in case lol.

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