Packing tips

I’m out in the street waiting for my Uber pickup to Schiphol, Amsterdam. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning, and I just got out of the apartment where I spent the last fifteen minutes repacking my luggage for another transatlantic flight.

I learned how to compress my packing time to the limits, reducing the overhead ,and avoiding possible mistakes. I don’t want to find out a missing passport while queueing at the airport. No matter what city, I simply don’t.

No matter how long the trip will be, I pack five days of clothes, all the electronics are carefully selected to avoid redundancy, I have the common adaptors for power.

Speaking of power, rule number one is never going to sleep without charging all the batteries. Almost worse that forgetting my passport somewhere is not having access to documents and screens becasue the batteries are empty.

It sounds like a lot of work but it’s not. Just basic discipline and medium sized power strip always in my check-in bag. This way I optimize the power adaptor when traveling to other countries with weird plugs. It also simplifies charging multiple devices when the hotel room only has one power supply only.

The way to avoid mistakes in packing is simple. I always put the same stuff in the same place. My passport is always in my jacket in my right internal pocket. My phone is always in my jeans, in the front right pocket. My earbuds always in the left pocket. And so on.

This way it’s easier to check up the status of the packing and there are less chances to miss something somewhere.

The cars are here, it’s time to go.





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