On The Road Again

After 3 years on the ground, I took my first work trip after the pandemic. To be correct, the pandemic is not over yet, but everybody pretends it is, so better mask up and test often.

In preparation for a few days of meetings in Las Vegas, Nevada, I decided to get there early and shake off my west-coast jet lag with a road trip.

I landed in Los Angeles on Thursday, hired a car on Friday, and took it to the desert, only to arrive in Las Vegas two days later, ready to meet my team on Sunday night.

On the road, I visited a few iconic places.

Milk Bar LA

I started my Friday morning with a disproportionate amount of sugar and it was awesome.

My favorite item on the menu was the cereal milk, but the Milk Bar Pie is also a 10.

While sugar was rushing into our bloodstream, sitting at the table on the curb, we noticed an unusual vehicle roaming the streets.

It was a pizza delivery drone owned by Lucifer Pizza. You can see it in the second picture. Too bad I wasn’t able to catch it in action. Fun stuff!

Off to Zabriskie Point, Death Valley

The trip to Vegas was a good opportunity to visit a few spots dear to me. I went back to Zabriskie point after 20 years.

The last time was December 2002, and it was chilly. This time was July 2022, and it was scorching hot. 46 degrees Celsius and 15% Humidity feel really intense. After the short hundred-meter hike to get on top of the observatory, I needed a good fifteen minutes in the sweet artificial cool environment of the car to return to my senses. It was deadly hot but very cool. No regrets!

Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Just saying…

New York City

Unforeseen circumstances required me to prematurely leave Vegas and replan my route to get back home. This unexpected twist brought some serendipity into my life. I was rerouted to New York City and had a 12-hour layover in EWR. What a great opportunity to leave the airport and hit the Big Apple!

I visited the Whitney Museum of American Art and took a stroll along the Highline. Wow, I admire how this city changes all the time. New buildings were constructed in the last couple of years, and seeing them in person was great.

Just in time to catch my flight home.





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