Nikon D90 vs Fuji X100

I spent a few days in Cologne at Teymur‘s place and I fell in love with a new camera: Fujifilm X100 limited edition. So I decided, after a few hours out taking pictures in the street, to come up with this blogpost with the purpose to summarize my fresh experience with this new camera, compared with my trusty Nikon D90. There are many other blogpost about the X100 out there, so if you are interested specifically on that camera I strongly suggest you to have a look at the full review on DPReview and definitely at the complete review by Zack Arias.

Always with me

I always carry a camera with me, and when I say always I mean every single time I go out. Carrying a DSLR is not easy, even considering that my D90 is not a huge monster like a D3S. I don’t even use the additional battery grip, but it’s really tiring to hang around with such a camera all the time.
I wanted to find a camera much more handy to carry around and with the Fuji X100 I think I achieved my goal.

Prime lens

My D90 is always equipped with a wide prime lens during the day, like my 20mm f2.8, and a 50mm f1.4 at night; considering that the ISO performance of this 3 years old sensor are not so extraordinary, having a fast lens when it gets dark it’s very convenient. I definitely love prime lenses and I’m well use to them, so I don’t miss any zoom capability in my X100. It’s equipped with a 23mm f2.0 that becomes a nice 35mm equivalent in full format. The perfect lens for street photography.

Limited Edition

The X100 is beautiful by itself but I wanted to get spoiled a bit more and I bought the Limited Edition that comes in a gorgeous black wooden box, complete with it’s external flash and with a super nice leather pouch that gives the camera an additional retro kick. It’s really wonderful looking to carry around.

Let’s compare pictures

I dare you to guess which pictures are from the D90 and which are from the X100.




You can find more comparison shots on my flickr set.

While I was struggling between my D90 and the X100, Teymur was having the same problem between the Nikon D3S and the Leica M9-P. So we decided to film some footage during our tests and this is the result, enjoy!

[vimeo 31401162 w=601 h=338]





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  1. […] And for the Finale I have a Video for you that Luca Sartoni and I shot last weekend here in Cologne after Luca bought his X100 which is a very cool and fantastic camera. You can find his thoughts and photos on the cams HERE! […]

  2. Alejandro Avatar

    Yep definitely the x100 is a lovely camera, I have own mine for a few months and been using it more then the other cameras…. indeed, its funny how people seem to like it when you point to them the fuji, they probably think you are a old school photographer and don’t run away…. as soon as the see the nikon the run for shelter. 🙂

    here you can take a look at an album i made of only picts taken with the fuji….

    (came to your blog through a post made by Thomas)

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