My podcast selection

I recently followed Giorgio’s advice and started using Overcast. It’s way better than the standard Podcast app on iOS and it allows to keep better track of what I have listened and whatnot across several devices.

There are three podcasts that I listen to regularly:

Slack Variety Pack

I recently started following this podcast produced by Slack. It covers a variety of stories for every episode, all with a specific trait in common. It’s very inspiring.

The Tim Ferris Show

The well known author of several “four hours” books interviews top performers, and deconstructs their processes to reach success.

Reply All

I have been following just a few episodes, but I was really intrigued by Paul Modrowski’s story that was covered in the last three episodes. I’ll keep following.

One more thing

If you speak italian, I encourage you to follow Merita Business Podcast. My long time friend Giorgio Minguzzi interviews online experts exploring all the different aspects of online business.

Check them out, and let me know. 

If you have any advice on podcasts I should follow, drop a comment!





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