My first two years at Automattic

Two years ago I officially announced my new job at Automattic. I can’t believe two years have already past, it feels like yesterday.

I’m very proud of being part of such an amazing bunch of folks, we are doing great stuff, and more will come…

Thanks everybody for the support; cheers to many more years together!





3 responses to “My first two years at Automattic”

  1. Kah Choon Avatar

    Luca, I like your blog very much and I found it always filled with warmth, love and honesty and nothing short of inspiration. Keep it up. Thank you so much.

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      Thank you Kah, I’m glad you like it! Thanks for saying such kind words!

  2. Adam Tinworth Avatar

    Congratulations – I’m glad you’re finding it so rewarding.

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