Meet the Italian WordPress Community

There is an interesting article by  that features the Italian WordPress Community. I was part of the interviews he used for the article, and I cannot be any more proud of what the Italian community has done in the lest two years. Way to go!

I cannot emphasize more how WCEU, which was started with the idea of getting local communities together, it also ended up reinvigorating those communities. The current Italian community was reborn out of WCEU.

The ultimate goal is democratizing publishing. This is the mission of WordPress and it’s the mission of the community too. I simply could not believe that a country with 60M people was not able to find the right recipe to contribute to this mission in a significant way. There are excellent engineers, designers, developers, and professionals of any sort in Italy, however, they are often limiting themselves because of a language barrier and cultural rejection to international collaboration. What we wanted to do was to build bridges to the international community and tear down the imaginary wall that was limiting the Italian community. It’s a long process, but it’s happening right now.

Check out there full article on WCEU site.





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