Letting Things Go

I spent the last few days trying to find my balance. I co-organised WordCamp Europe for 5 consecutive years, and this was the very last one for me.

Organising this event requires ten months of dedicated work, starting in fall with a few hours per week, ending in June with more than a full-time commitment. The very last week was extremely intense, with a contributor day for 500 people, two days of conference with 2100 people, and an over the top after-party.

Leaving this project is hard.

But it’s also necessary to let go. It’s necessary for myself, so to find new adventures to jump in. It’s necessary for the project itself, so to find fresh blood in the new contributors.

It’s also good for the ecosystem, letting people be in charge for too long it’s never healthy.

WCEU will grow bigger and stronger, and it will always be home for many of us.

See you soon WCEU, I can’t wait to cross roads again!





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