Letting subs go

I dedicated some time today cleaning up my YouTube subscriptions. Over the years I had collected so many channels I could not even count them.

However not many of them were longer interesting to me, but somehow it felt weird to unsubscribe. I felt like I was going to miss them, even though I have deliberately skipped their videos for months and years.

When I was done with it, I let a few hours pass and went back to check my video feed.

I have to say that it feels good being interested in what the new feed offers now.

The only weird part is that I needed to set this up as an experiment, because otherwise this cleanup would not have happened.





2 responses to “Letting subs go”

  1. kOoLiNuS Avatar

    Do you actually spend all this time on YT that a “clean up” is needed?
    For example I have some subscriptions too… but usually I go on YouTube looking for specific things (a Tiny Desk concert, latest video from a couple of friends, specific bike or car review) and then close it…

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      The subs influence the recommendation engine too, so even when I randomly open YouTube, I’d get tons of uninteresting videos in the homepage.

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