Let’s get back to work

I spent a couple of weeks in Italy, out of the grid. I needed to reload my batteries and get fresh air in my lungs. It was a blasting time, with my old time friends and new people I met during my vacations. Now’s time to be back.

I apologise with you if in the last few months I deserted this blog and I spent way too much time on other platforms. My vacations gave me a clear set of answers in order to improve my well being. The most important thing is start focus again on what it matters.

I’m not against mass platforms like FB or Twitter, but I feel the need of pushing them back where they belong. They are great for distribution but definitely not for content creation, curation and conversations. For this reason I’m changing some of the bad habits I developed lately and you’ll see some changes from now on.

My blog will be back to the center of my thoughts and FB will slowly disappear from my radar. I will conduct my 365 project on Instagram but nothing more than that. My three main tools will be this blog, twitter, flickr.

Let’s see how it will go. Wish me luck and stay tuned!





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