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A few months ago I took a new challenge and with a group of trusted friends I decided to start a new company called kompany.

We incorporated the company on February the 29th 2012 (how many companies you know were incorporated on a leap day?) and in a few months we went through two rounds of funding. The first round was provided by the founding team and the second round came from a private angel investor.

I’m experiencing something that never happened to me before and some days are so busy that I totally loose the sense of time. The speed of our company is sometimes unbelievable.

In the last few years I had the opportunity to work with startups, large companies, consulting many kind of different businesses, but this time, for the first time, I’m contributing to build something from scratch that is direct expression of my experience and contribution.

Our product will be out soon and if in the first months of kompany’s life I was following the product development, I’m now slowly moving into my bread and butter: corporate communication, marketing intelligence and digital strategy.

Opening up our company

Last week I was designing our online presence and I’m slowly building up our communication strategy. I wanted to find a way to put together our willing to unleash the stories within our companies and the curiosity coming from outside: a lot of people were asking me, in the last few months, what was I exactly doing.

For this reason I proposed to my Co-CEOs to introduce Google+ Hangouts in our kompany life. We started yesterday with a public hangout inviting a few friends and sharing with them a hour of our time. It was so great!

We had the opportunity to touch base with a few interested and interesting people, aswering questions and having some good laugh. Everything was relaxed and natural. I have to say that I was extremely impressed by the quality of the G+ Hangout platform. Fabrizio, one of the attendant, was commuting during the hangout and we had him constantly connected with us from his iPhone, with no interruptions from underground in Rome at first, then from the streets of the Italian capital.

The feedback we got was amazing. Positive comments and super interesting questions from our guests. Thumbs up!

Let’s hangout then!

After this positive experience we decided to take this opportunity to the next level. We are going to have regular hangouts every second week. We are going to get familiar with this tool and we are going to use it for a good purpose: open up our experience and give some insights on how we conduct our business. Our methodologies, our management techniques, our hiring policies, all the things that can help our clients to understand us better, our sharehoder to have a clearer picture of the team, other startups to have a place to discuss about core topics.

The party is on!

You can read all the blogposts you want about the best 5 tips on how to open a startup and deliver a MVP, but most of the time those resources can’t answer specific questions.

We’ll do our best to share our experience, come by and take a seat, have a look and if you like, join the conversation. The next hangout is scheduled on July the 30th 2012 at 6.00pm.

Here the link to join us

Stay tuned, more news to come!





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