Just a quick update

Over the past few months, I have experienced many changes in my life, including my site, social media channels, etc.

If you wish to continue receiving my content, this post will quickly update where I publish what.

My weekly essays on leadership are distributed on the Thursday Memo in my newsletter, The Owl and The Beetle.

I publish every Thursday at 5:25 am UTC, and it’s primarily premium content behind a paywall. It’s a 5.99Euro/month subscription, and it supports my content creation.

My weekly curated list of resources on Leadership and Technology is distributed on the Tuesday Dispatch in my newsletter, The Owl and The Beetle.

I publish every Tuesday at 05:25 am UTC, and it’s free.

My daily videos on Management are distributed on TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, and LinkedIn. On TikTok, you can choose between the Italian and The International profiles. On all the other channels, I mix the languages.

I also recently opened up a TikTok profile with my spouse, dedicated to parenting. Check it out; it’s in Italian and pretty fun. We also have an Instagram profile if you prefer.

You can also find all of my professional services on my business site, Remote Leadership Works. Don’t miss it!

I have a solid editorial calendar on all these channels, and you will find fresh content every day, so don’t miss the opportunity and check them all out.

Here on this very blog, I publish now and then with no particular discipline.

If you made it this far, thank you for following me, and have a great day!





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