Instagram I love You!

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I’m a huge fan of Instagram. I’m taking pics every second with that, flooding my flickr account with tons of pictures.

But why i just love it?

I love it because it’s efficient. I don’t have to deal with films, lenses, and other digital tweeks like hipstamatic. I only have to point, shoot and voilà, done.

The big deal with hipstamatic is that i have to chose film, lens and blah blah stuff before taking the picture. But street photography is a question of freezing the moment and “carping the diem”. So, considering that all the film-lens-tweeks are fake-digital-effects, there’s no need to choose them before the shoot, and instagram is perfect because it makes you choose your effect after you got the shot. And you can also choose between several nice ones.

It’s also really efficient in terms of building the social effect around your pictures, your friends only have to click on like, or drop a comment, no fancy stuff or complicated procedures.

Of course it can be improved, like everything, and what i really miss is a personal feed where i can get all the pictures in a RSS handy and convenient stream from a specific user. I also miss a “get to reality” button, that i can press and get real pictures, printed on paper.

It would be super cool to have a single button to transform those cool square pictures into a single print or a even cooler stuff like moo stickers or such. So, i decided to find a turnaround while the nice guys at instagram can create that button.

To get a cool single print of your pictures you can download my PSD file and with a bit of photoshop you can create your own mosaic very easily. The PSD file is released in CC-BY-SA, so please download it, improve it and share it again.

The second solution to get moo stickers is even quicker. Organize your instagram pics as a set on Flickr, like i did, and then provide the set to when you want to print your stickers. Easy, fast, cool. In one word: efficient!

I love you instagram 🙂





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  1. Gaetano Avatar

    “Carping the Diem” is awesome!

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