InnoVAR webcast: Blogging for Success – may 16th, 2012, 3pm CEST


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when: may 16th, 2012 – 3pm CEST
where: Juniper Networks – InnoVAR

What is the best way to engage a closer relationship with your customers?

The answer is easier than you think; provide them value through stories about brand. And the most effective way to do it is blogging.

Through a well-designed B2B blog strategy you can unleash our company’s inner stories, turning them into compelling and powerful tools to engage your customers. You can build reputation over time, becoming a unique point of reference in the ecosystem. Though a blog you own the place, avoiding the fragmentation of our focus on too many different channels and you can increase your relevance on search engines and increase your brand awareness.

But, to be successful with blogging you need to develop the skills to create good content, build a strategy to distribute it efficiently, and create the vision to set targets to reach for.

On may 16th, 2012, I’ll have the pleasure and the honor to be hosted on the platform InnoVAR by Juniper Network with a one-hour-long webcast on the topic: “Blogging for Success”.

During the webcast I will explain how to produce the best content, easily distribute it to your targeted audiences and measure your results. I will also give away some of the best tips and tricks to be productive from day zero: straight to the juice of this topic!

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2 responses to “InnoVAR webcast: Blogging for Success – may 16th, 2012, 3pm CEST”

  1. Daniel@mcitp enterprise administrator Avatar

    customer is god it is said this way. so you must fulfill all the needs of the customers.

  2. isolthai@cisco certification Avatar

    Flexibility should be maintained as far as customer needs are concerned.

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