Inner Ear Hacking

A couple fo weeks ago I had vertigo when getting up in the morning or laying down in the evening.

I initially thought it was just my body telling me to rest, so I added a few extra hours of sleep in my daily routine.

I quickly discovered that it was a little more complicated than that because I was heavily dizzy every time I was getting up or laying down, with an acute symptom when turning my head on the left side.

I had the same problem a few times in the past, but it usually lasted for a few days and then I was back to normal. Every time I blamed a low blood pressure, or the stress.

Today, I went to my doctor for my regular check-up and I told her about this unpleasant situation that it was protracting for more than two weeks.

She asked a few questions to better understand the situation and suggested me to see an ear doctor. They call it HNO (Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde) here in Austria.

An hour later I was at the HNO waiting for the doctor to see me.

He checked a few things, performed a hearing test, and it was all perfect.

He explained that my symptoms are called positioning vertigo and they are common at younger ages (I take it as a compliment, Doc!) , but they disappear over time.

In any case there is a set of exercises to do at home that solve the problem.

The instructions came in the form of a paper with 11 steps to follow.

According to the doctor, in a few days I should get things sorted out just following those steps.

Anyways, I got home and jumped on Youtube, when I have found this explanation and a more straightforward exercise.

Well, I performed it once and my vertigo is gone. Completely gone.

Like magic, but for real.






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