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Emails are fascinating things: we can’t live (and work) with or without them. We used to have lives; now we have emails. A recent research that I just made up says that a substantial about of time is wasted every day reading emails. The same research suggests that writing fewer emails will also contribute to saving other people’s time.

Speaking of emails and wasting other people’s time, how about we all start replying emails, with a particular attention to unsolicited email campaigns we receive.

“Dear Numaba,

I’m very sorry to hear about the current situation in Burkina Faso. I feel devastated by the humanitarian crisis your people are currently experiencing. I’m also very excited for you in getting to know about your plan to escape such terrible disaster. However I’m not willing to give you my bank details, 10% of the cut sounds fair, but send me a check, ok?”


“Dear $appoftheday,

I too find very suffocating working hard to get an income, but I won’t signup and share pictures of my shoelaces with my friends. Not that I’m not convinced about your revolutionary business plan to monetize people’s social feticism, but I’m kinda busy right now, and definitely, Instagram is already enough commitment to me.”

And again:

“Dear Amazon,

No, I don’t want that damn washing machine, I was asking my mom how to add softener to my laundry and I was just using the pictures on your site as a visual reference while interviewing her on the phone. I already told you five times today, get over it.”






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