Hitting a roadblock, and getting past it

A few months ago I started writing on this blog with a weekly cadence. I was publishing an essay every Wednesday morning. I established a routine for it. I had my draft ready by Monday, review it for a couple of days, and then I’d hit publish on Wednesday.

It was working pretty well, and I published quite a few pieces. They are all under the essay category and they are easy to reach on the top nav of this site.

Next to weekly publishing on this blog, I started sending out a weekly newsletter. I came up with a cool name, got a domain for it, and “The Owl and The Beetle” was born. It goes out every Tuesday, and it’s focused on leadership, technology, and other nerdy stuff.

From September to the end of December 2021, all went smooth: I was sending out a newsletter every Tuesday, and publishing an essay every Wednesday. No problemo.

Then, a couple of things happened, and I hit a roadblock. As you may have noticed, I haven’t published a post here since the 23rd of December; more than a month without writing a word.

“What happened?” you may ask.

The first thing that happened was the winter holidays. I changed my routine for a couple of weeks, and that was just enough to compromise my writing habit.

The second thing was coming to the realization that my writing routine for this blog was unsustainable. If I have been able to find a good flow for my newsletter, I cannot say the same for this blog. At least not in the format of 1000 words essays on a weekly cadence.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll experiment with different formats, topics, frequency of publishing, to find that flow that I’m currently missing. Feel free to stick around, or not, I’d totally understand.

If you are in for a more regular presence, highly focused, and very disciplined, I recommend you to subscribe to my newsletter. Here you’ll find an experimental ground, and I cannot tell now where it will be heading. It’s gonna be fun, that’s for sure. If you are up for it, subscribe and follow.

PS: I might go back to being more active on Twitter, but I won’t promise. Just sayin’…

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