Gordon Ramsey Teaches Cooking

I have been waiting for weeks, and it’s finally here!

MasterClass with Gordon Ramsey is now available. I checked the first few videos and it’s really good. I look forward to digging deeper into it!





3 responses to “Gordon Ramsey Teaches Cooking”

  1. Ľubomír Mitana Avatar
    Ľubomír Mitana

    Hello, Luca didn’t know that you are seriously interested in cooking. Tried that too, something good came out of it, had an idea to build a framework upon which can one create their own recipes or at least cook something edible, will leave it for later. Do you usually cook at home or just love watching someone to cook? 🙂

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      I do both. I watch others and I cook too.

      1. Ľubomír Mitana Avatar
        Ľubomír Mitana

        I prefer doing to watching, even if I ended up a couple of times with unedible mess in my 20+ years ‘career’ where I cooked for my brother and later, my wife and baby. Would like to ask you Luca, if you care to give me a very specific, knowledge-based serious life advice, and if I am allowed to send you a e-mail without the ‘Hi how are you doing’ stuff as not the only diplomacy is unnecessary in cases like a life advice, but too much talking in general.

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