Eating Rosemary Infused Butter

Yesterday I made some rosemary infused butter and today I tried it. I had it for breakfast on a piece of toast and for dinner as fat ingredient for some oven roasted potatoes.

On toasted bread it was super weird. I simply toasted the bread, spread some butter, added a pinch of salt. The results was surprising because I had the feeling of eating some focaccia. The smell of rosemary was intense but not overwhelming. It was somehow gentle on the palate. I loved it.

On the potatoes it was even more intriguing. I parboiled some potatoes in salted water for 10 minutes. Then I put some infused butter on a tray, put the potatoes on top and baked in the oven for 30 minutes at 200C (392F). Then I crushed the potatoes to make them crispier, added some infused butter and salt on top, and baked them for another 30 minutes at 200C (392F).

The smell of rosemary was there, the taste was subtle but present, but in a way that it’s difficult to describe. The overall dish was delicious, and the underlying aroma of rosemary it was somehow magic. Absolutely amazing!

I can’t wait to try the coffee infused butter on a steak!





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