Digital Payments

Last week I was in San Francisco and I decided to swing by the Apple Store in Union Square. I was checking out the Apple Watch bands when a kind Apple Genius invited me to try them on. They allowed me to try any bands I wanted and when I found the one I liked the most, in a matter of a few seconds a new band was ready for me, and my credit card was swiped. Less than 40 seconds later I was out of the store, with a shiny new band on my wrist. A few minutes later I got my invoice via email.

Today I wanted to upgrade my xbox live account to gold. I went on my xbox and after 10 minutes of struggling through the menus, I finally found the subscribe option. Bad luck, no chance to get PayPal working on that. Also my credit card was not processed. I then tried from my phone, on the xbox site, same story: 10 minutes of menus, then PayPal got rejected, then my CC too. So I tried with my laptop, same story. I then figured out that the problem was that my xbox account was based in the US, but the xbox was installed in Italy, and my payment methods are based in Austria. I fixed that moving all to the US. When the three things were aligned I tried again, no luck. I tried to talk to a live chat support agent. Fifteen minute after dealing with the dumbest AI chat bot ever, I got in a queue behind 36 other people. I quit.

I finally went to a gift card dealer of my choice, purchased an xbox live gift card, payed in 3 clicks with PayPal, which worked immediately. Ten seconds later I got my code via email, entered it on my xbox, and now I have a yearly subscription to xbox live gold.

Guess which company I will be more loyal to…





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