Christmas time in New York

I’m spending a few days off in New York City, after a few intense weeks of traveling. I’m taking my time to enjoy the most vibrant city I’ve ever been to.

It sounds like a cliché but New York right before Christmas is magic. Christmas songs everywhere and the decorations are somehow overwhelming. They would totally be too much anywhere else, but in NYC they make sense.

I’m spending a couple of hours at Starbucks, recharging batteries and processing pictures, and the most cheesy songs are played on the sound system. The problem is that I start to like them.

I had a Holiday Spice Flat White in a red cup. For real. No jokes. I’m also wearing a red coat. Luckily my beard is anywhere white. Otherwise, I would just need a parking spot for the reindeers, and I would be set…

NYC is warm and sunny these days, unexpectedly. So at least on the weather side, we are not portraiting the classic landscape. I had to take off my coat today because it was way too warm to wear it, while soaking in the sun at the south-west end.

I’m enjoying this city, taking pictures, and walking long distances. I’ll be back to Europe in a couple of days; I look forward to the markets in Vienna. That’s another city that can pull off a great festivity season.





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  1. Eledelrio Avatar

    Ciao Luca, se hai tempo (e voglia) mi suggeriresti cose assolutamente da fare a NY? Sarò nella grande mela dal 23 Dicembre.


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